Great Britain has been wedded to several nations and birthed countless Anglophiles in virtually all the continents of the world.
Britain legal practice, accouting practices, medical practice (to name a few) has influenced so many nations of the world.
Britain used to be the Ultimate "Shopkeeper" of the world. Her customer Service/Trading skills was second to none; and she gave the world of Trade and Commerce the slogan: "The Customer is King".
Britain is not just a great country, she is a nation of destiny for so many; for the simple reason that she birthed them (This is despite the fact that she may not have celebrated them) . The fastest growing segment of the British population today is that of mixed race people.
Today, the human resource of a nation is what defines its gravitas and influence in the world. Your greatness as a nation now rests heavily on the quality of your human resource and the degree of amount of ardour your populace have advancing the interest for their motherland.
In this global village we now call the world, tribal commitments and the ability to make ALL and not just some of your citizens extall you as "MOTHER" is crucial.
China has huge numerical superiority over many nations, the technological might of Germany and Japan cannot be questioned. America's superior space technology cannot be questioned. Israel has more scientists and inventors than any other nation of the world. However in terms of diplomatic prowess Great Britain should be number one. She ought to have a long line of foot soldiers who extall her and are passionate about protecting her global interest
Britain has been fecund and totally ignorant of the complex and powerful loyalties she has around the world by reason of bloodties. She has many children who are avid anglophiles but need to be told they matter. Britain's ability to mend bridges with ALL of her numerous offspring around the world will indeed determine the amount of influence she wields in this century, and in the years to come.
The book Silhouettes of a treasured Heritage was a recommende reading text for a Freshman social science course at Priceton University, from 2009-2014. The course examined the complexities of multi-racial relationships.
Silhouettes of a Treasured Heritage is also a recommended QCA text for the teaching of modern day, British multi-racial History. It is also available on Amazon
Stella Osammor