About Us

Delta Maria website consistutes a one stop shop for Teachers in England and Wales.
All the reading resources are published by Delta Maria Publishing House.

One of the remit of Delta Maria Publishing House is the publication of African literature for adults and children for the celebration of Black History Month (BHM). Delta Maria Publishing House worked alongside the Qualifications and Curriculumn Authority (QCA) to create "The Respect for all website"

Delta Maria Publishing House supports teachers in their task of :

1. Preparing young people for living in a multi-ethnic society
2. Planing the curriculum so that it includes the principle of race equality and recognises the value of diversity
3. Ensuring that pupils get the opportunity to explore and experience other cultures using the right resources.

It has become very important that young people are aware of other cultures . A child who has been exposed to other cultures is more likely to feel safe and self assured in any seaport or airport they may find themself . The "Curriculum Use" page on this website explains how various Delta Maria resources are used to deliver vibrant and enjoyable Black History Month experiences to pupils.



A review of the two resource material used for the celebration of BLACK HISTORY MONTH at key stage 4 attracted a warm response from teenageers whom the Learning Trust asked to review the texts. The students described the books; Silhouettes of a Treasured Heritage and The Triumph of the Water Lily as " Equiping and Nurturing".

The Triumph of the Water Lily tries to prepare teenagers on the threshold of adulthood for the overwhelming odds and challenges, that sometimes beset adult life and relationships.(regardless of social status ).
Silhouettes of a Treasured Heritage is a pathfinder guide for young mixed race people, embarking on a journey of self-discovery outside the context of their white heritage or roots.

Delta Maria websites works in tanden with Delta Maria Publishing House (DPH) and Odeiga House (ODH) to provide excellent African Cookery video clips which celebrate Africa's finest cuisines.

(See more details at the lower end of the 'Curriculum use' area)
See one of the videos and others at our YOUTUBE.COM/ODEIGAHOUSE.