The book Kadeja the Fulani Pearl Queen flags up brilliantly the collaboration that occurred between black and white Abolitionists to end the Slave Trade in its appendix section and follow on work.
The story of Kadeja is a haunting tale about the capture of a Fulani princess as she travelled through the African rainforest to her betrothed; the heir of the Ashanti throne.
The book is an engaging tale about the ardent love and aspiration of 2 young people. The work is nevertheless a crucial teaching resource for Key Stage 2 and 3 History lessons about the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
The book “Kadeja the Fulani Pearl Queen” is a concise teaching resource and enables teachers to deliver excellent lessons about the Slave Trade. The book in its appendix section, examines the impact the trade had on different aspects of African life.
The future belongs to our young people. We all reap what we sow. If we sow seeds in the hearts of young that makes them sensitive to the pain and suffering of other people, then we will find that we go into our twilight years safe in the knowledge that those who will govern and wield influence when we are aged and at times frail will be noble spirited individuals who remember that we loved and nurtured them when they were little and vulnerable and need to show us love, respect and compassion even as our eyes begin to dim…

See below an interesting rendition of the song Amazing Grace by John Newton, a slave captain that probably commanded the slave ship that took Kadeja from the shores of Africa into the diaspora of North America.
Stella Osammor